Sunday, July 26, 2009

Back In Action

Apologies to our vast readership out there for our infrequent posting. Things have busy here in Philly. That, and we have been arming ourselves camera-less when venturing out. However, we plan to pick up where we left off with more ongoings in our lives. First up is a trip Lanie and I took to Atlantic City and nearby Seaside Island, NJ. I'd always heard A.C. was one of the dirtiest places to visit-- and with praise like that where better to spend a weekend, right? It is actually not that bad of a place. Alana and I tried our hand at a couple of casinos, Caesar's being one, and lost about $40, all on slots. It took us novices $10 to figure out how they even work. Besides the casinos, Atlantic City has a huge boardwalk and is directly on the ocean. Who am I kidding, the place is kind of a dump. Here are some pics.

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