Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Memphis Taproom

A relatively new place on the Philadelphia food scene is The Memphis Taproom. We've been here twice. Both times leaving our bellies happy and full of rejoice. The initial attraction to the place was the rumor that they carried Pliny The Elder, an obscure award-winning IPA beer. (I believe voted best beer in the world by Beer Advocate). So, on that tip with ventured over and on first visit no Pliny but amazing food, especially the low-fat deep-fried pickles! On second visit,the waiter said still, no Pliny. Then the owner walks over and with a punch in the shoulder, said I'll tap the keg for you guys, now!! Elated, we downed the much sought after Pliny. Good, but best in the world? Debatable. This is a beautiful place in a not so beautiful part of town. Highly recommended.

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