Monday, March 23, 2009


Music is the greatest gift humankind has come up with. Period. Music is constantly on rotation here at the compound. Some things we've been enjoying lately. 

  • Bon Iver- pretty much everything, but especially the songs Flume, Creature Love, Re: Stacks, Blood Bank, and Skinny Love.
  • Teddy Thompson--The son of Richard and Linda Thompson. It's in the genes. Only heard one song, In My Arms, it's a great summery sing-a-long. If you don't like it, cheer up. Turn it up and dance, Crowded House style.
  • Tom Waits, oh Tom Waits---Listening to his Orphans album we stumbled across this gem. This is another song that'll make you get up and dance. Again, this is best listened to with the dial turned up. 2:19.
  • This is Springsteen country and this is a nice version of Josh Ritter doing "The River". And another.
  • We just saw M. Ward at the Trocadero here in Philly. The guy has some talent. Such a unique voice.  Here's a nice ditty that gets played now and again in the house.
  • In honor of an upcoming show we are going to see in April, we present you the one and only Bonnie Prince Billy doing a sincere, proud version of R. Kelly's "The World's Greatest".
  • This is a sweet cover of John Doe's The Golden State by Eddie Vedder and Corin Tucker of Sleater-Kinney. "You are the dream in my nightmare"
  • We just went to see the movie "I Love You, Man". Funny movie. I often think of this song when I think of movies.
  • For some reason when I have a little much to drink on Saturday night I always seem to play this song. I guess it has a nice combination of Irish ballad, mandolin, and "oh's". By the way, Earle has a tribute album to Townes Van Zandt simply entitled, Townes, that you'd be a fool to miss.

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