Monday, June 15, 2009

Eddie Vedder at The Tower Theatre

If anyone knows me at all they know one thing: I'm a Pearl Jam fan. They are the band that turned me on to music and made me the successful businessman I am today. No, I am a big fan and seeing the frontman of the band, Eddie Vedder, this past Thursday was a treat. Vedder opened the night with Daniel Johnston's "Walking the Cow". A perfect opener that accentuated his vocals. Vedder continued with numbers ranging from covers of Bruce Springsteen's "Atlantic City" to The Who's "The Kid's Are Alright". Eddie mixed the songs with a few funny stories about meeting Dr. J for the first time and hanging out at a bar in Chicago with Sean Penn and Jack Nicholson. Vedder is on top of his game these days musically, as was evident Thursday. Even though we had good seats at the show our pictures and video didn't really turn out as hoped. Perhaps you can catch a little of the vibe from what we do have. Enjoy.

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