Monday, June 15, 2009

Sardine Sandwich, Anyone?

I've been reading about the greatness of the Bahn Mi for some time now. According to New York magazine, The Vietnamese hoagie is reportedly better than just about anything you can put in your mouth. Well, with such a rave review we decided to give it a shot. First, we had to find where they served them. Looking online, I found a Top 5 list of best Bahn Mi's in Philly. Number 1 on the list is in West Philly (which can be a bit of hassle sometimes) so we decided on Number 2 on the list. O Sandwiches it located in South Philly, tucked unassumingly beside the famous cheesesteak places, Geno's and Pat's. After looking over their menu we decided to try the much bally-hooed tofu hoagie and the pork version. Both were excellent. The sandwich comes on a 10" baguette and is loaded with cilantro, jalapenos, shredded carrots, mayo, and onions. A tasty combination. Another upside of the meal is the cheap price. One hoagie cost a mere $3! Also, the place serves a sardine sandwich. Alana hates sardines. If I buy them for the house I can only eat them on Sunday. That's because the container, with it's smell, can be thrown out the very next day--trash day. I didn't try the sardine sandwich on the first visit, but did get to satisfy my curiosity on the next trip. My verdict? Sardines are meant for crackers not for sandwiches. Oh , well. O Sandwiches also serve bubble-milk tea or boba tea, it is one of the absolute pleasures in the beverage world. This sweet concoction is a sugary, fruit-flavored tea that has a slight milky texture with tapioca balls that rest at the bottom of the cup. If you are looking for a tasty, yet inexpensive meal, look no further than the Bahn Mi.


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  2. I love you guys and yer blog. Lemme know if you are ever seeking Vietnamese hoagies in West Philly; I'm always down for a Fu-Wah tofu hoagie!
    Hope you both and Rosco are enjoying the end of June...