Monday, May 4, 2009

Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday--Madison Square Garden

Alana and I traveled to NYC this past Sunday to witness a little history in the making, Pete Seeger's 90th Birthday celebration bash. The show included over 40 musicians including the likes of Bruce Springsteen, Ani Difranco,Steve Earle, Kris Kristofferson, Dave Matthews, Emmylou Harris, John Mellancamp, Richie Havens, Taj Mahal, Bela Fleck, Tim Robbins-the actor, Rufus Wainwright, and many, many more. The show was more than a birthday bash for Seeger, it was also a benefit for an environmental organzation called  Clearwater. The show was held at the world-renowned Madison Square Garden, a place I personally have always wanted to go to. Here are some pics of our little extravaganza. 

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  1. This looks like so much fun! It's awesome that you two escape to NYC every so often. You both work very hard. ;)