Monday, April 20, 2009

Damien Jurado--The First Unitarian Church

 Alana and I met up with a couple of  friends Saturday night in Center City to see the magnificent Damien Jurado. We almost missed out on this show due to the fact we didn't hear about it until after tickets were sold out. But, with a heads-up from our friend Bonnie, we were told Jurado was adding a second show the same night.  Luckily we scored tickets for the second show. The venue was the First Unitarian Church Chapel. This space was without a doubt the most intimate and beautiful venues I've ever had the privilege to experience. The chapel only held 50 people!!! A perfect setting for Jurado's low-key "urban-folk". Opening for Damien was Portland , Oregon singer, Laura Gibson. She was endearingly bashful, but performed a nice, short set--including a little sing-a-long on the last song producing a church-like vibe (with beer).  Jurado mentioned a few times how he was looking forward to playing Philadelphia and particularly the chapel venue. His set did seem inspired, yet jovial. A truly wonderful experience. Colin, I've included "Ohio" especially for you. And "Denton, TX" is for us, Lanie.

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