Saturday, April 18, 2009

Washboard, Drums, Bass, Fiddle, Guitar: Ingredients of a fine band

If you haven't heard of the Felice Brothers do your self a favor and go buy their music (Hell, today IS record store day. Colin, we know that it's record store day for you everyday.) We saw this band at the fantastic Trocadero in Chinatown. Great venue and even better band. The show we saw took place on Thursday night. Given that we are working-class stiffs, it's hard to find the energy and excitement for a weekday show. The opening act, Wily Mason, didn't go on until 9:20. Perhaps it's only our age beginning to show? Nonetheless, The Felice Brothers raised a ruckus. Truly a head-shaking- high-energy performance. Quite possibly one of the best live performances we've seen. Fact: If any member of the band does full swan dive into a drum kit during song that show automatically gets a thumbs up. The band is more than merely stage theatrics, though. They have genuine enthusiasm that bleeds into their audience. That, combined with a nice mixture of Americana and cabaret music, provide a sensational, one-of-kind concert going experience that all music lovers should experience. Here is a footage of an early song of the night. This is a nice version of a song they played at the Troc. The only downside of the night's festivities was the absence of the song "Radio Song'. Well, Alana, we can bring our song to life here. Let's add one more.

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