Monday, April 13, 2009

Neko Case

As a last minute surprise, Alana and I went to The Keswick Theatre to see Neko Case. Wow! That lady sure can sing. The venue enforced a strict no camera policy, so we were unable to take any pictures. It's a shame because inside the venue it is a nice one, and in addition, Neko's stage had a giant owl peeking over the backdrop. An owl, I say. Owl's are underrated. Also, during her performance an intriguing, ever-changing projection of photographs, cartoons, and movies were displayed in the background. This is one she had projected while playing "People Got A Lotta Nerve". Wish we had pictures. We did, however, get a few of the outside. Ah, the band Crooked Fingers opened the show. A good band worth looking into if you feel inclined. If you aren't familiar with Neko's music (bless your soul) here are some songs to whet your appetite. 

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